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Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips | North Little Rock, AR

Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips | North Little Rock, AR

Service Bay At Russell Honda | North Little Rock, AR
With spring comes blooming flowers and lovely scenery, but it’s also an ideal time to perform maintenance on your vehicle. Follow these maintenance tips to help keep your car running smoothly throughout the spring season.

Spring clean your vehicle

When you’re ready to do some spring cleaning inside your house, be sure to extend your cleaning efforts to your vehicle as well. If you let debris and dirt stick to your vehicle for too long, the paint could potentially be affected. That’s why spring cleaning your vehicle should involve giving it a thorough exterior wash. Then, wax your vehicle to make it shine and help protect the paint. Inside your vehicle, take the time to get rid of any trash or other items that have built up over time. Once your vehicle is decluttered, vacuum the seats and carpets.

Inspect your tires

It’s important to make sure that your tires have a proper amount of tire pressure before hitting the road. Fluctuations in temperature can accordingly cause changes in tire pressure, so it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure as seasons change. While checking the pressure, you can also look for any tread balding, bulges or bumps that could indicate you need a tire replacement.

Change your wipers

Rain tends to be a constant during spring, so your windshield wipers need to be functioning well. If you notice any wear or cracking, or if the wipers are not working as well as they once were, you should consider replacing your wipers.

Don’t forget routine maintenance

You need to keep up on routine maintenance throughout the year to help keep your vehicle in good condition. Bring your vehicle in to the service department for regular oil changes and have the service technician inspect your vehicle to check that it doesn’t have any underlying issues. You also want to ensure you have enough coolant, windshield wiper fluid and other fluids.

We at Russell Honda encourage you to schedule an appointment at our service department if you’re in need of seasonal service, replacements or repairs.

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