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Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes | North Little Rock, AR

Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes | North Little Rock, AR

Auto Brake Service | North Little Rock, AR
When you’re hauling your family from one activity to the next, you likely want to make sure that your vehicle is safe. One way to help keep your family safe is to familiarize yourself with the signs that your car needs new brakes.

High-pitched noises

Do you hear a high-pitched squealing sound whenever you apply your brakes? This sound is a solid indication that you need to replace your car’s brakes. Brake pads are built with indicators, which will emit a squeaky noise when your pads are worn down to a certain depth. Keep in mind that this sound is sometimes hard to notice, so occasionally turn down your radio and listen for it.

There is an exception to this, though. If it’s been raining frequently or if it’s especially humid outside, something your brake rotors can get rusty. This can then cause a similar high-pitched sound, which will typically disappear after you drive for a bit. If it remains, though, you should bring your car into Russell Honda for an inspection.

Worn appearance

You can sometimes tell if you need new brakes just by looking at the brake pads. Because of this, it’s a good idea to regularly check your brake pads. Look at the spaces in between your car’s wheel spokes to see the brake pads. They will be sitting against your rotor and should have no less than a quarter of an inch left. You will need to bring your car in for service if there is less than a quarter of an inch left since this means that the pads are too worn down.

A pull on your steering wheel

If you can feel a pull on your steering wheel in one direction or another when you use your brakes, you might have an issue with your brakes. This pulling occurs when your brake linings have become worn in an uneven pattern. It can also occur if there’s foreign matter in your brake fluid. Regardless of the reasoning behind the pull, you need to bring your vehicle to our service center to get it checked out.

Be sure to keep these signs in mind as you drive around North Little Rock, Arkansas, and bring your vehicle in to see us at Russell Honda if you think you need your brakes replaced.

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