Signs Your Honda Needs Immediate Service in Sherwood, AR

Honda Interior | Sherwood, AR

Your vehicle has many maintenance requirements to keep running properly here in Sherwood, Arkansas. However, it may not always be clear when your car needs to be serviced. How do you know when something is wrong with your car, truck, or SUV in Sherwood and it needs an immediate inspection and tune-up from Russell Honda? Our Honda technicians in Sherwood recommend looking for these three signs your car needs urgent service.

Runs rough and loudly

Your car shouldn’t start making new, strange noises out of the blue. If you hear knocking, squealing, grinding, or wheezing sound coming from under your car’s hood that you haven’t heard before, there’s a problem going on. The same goes for the way your car feels; if you notice that your Honda runs rougher and shudders or vibrates harshly when it’s idling, it needs a tune-up at Russell Honda.

Trouble shifting or accelerating

Accelerating should come easily to most cars — especially Honda SUVs and trucks. If you really have to slam down the gas pedal to get your car to speed up when merging onto the highway, something may be wrong. A car that struggles to shift to a higher gear or slips gears and leaps in revs has a transmission problem.

Drop in MPG

Another way you’ll see poor performance manifest is through fuel economy. Your Honda definitely needs to be serviced if it starts burning through gas much faster and travels half as far on a gallon of gasoline.

“Check engine” or other warning light

Your Honda gives you some clear signs when something is urgently wrong; that’s what the dashboard warning lights are. When any of these appear — especially the check-engine light — a mechanic should diagnose the cause immediately.

If you encounter any of these signs with your car, bring it to Russell Honda immediately. Our service center can work on all makes and models, so schedule an appointment for a speedy tune-up with us.