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Honda e Prototype EV Preview | Russell Honda | North Little Rock, AR

Honda e Prototype EV Preview | Russell Honda | North Little Rock, AR

Honda E Prototype | North Little Rock, AR

Honda has been working on offering more eco-friendly vehicle options, and its newest vehicle is no exception. First introduced over a year ago as a concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the futuristic Honda e Prototype electric vehicle has made its debut as a potential production vehicle at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. With its compact size, retro styling, and tech-forward interior, this electric vehicle is adding efficiency to the Honda vehicle lineup.

Impressive Range & Drivetrain

The e Prototype will appeal to urban dwellers that want to help reduce their impact on the environment. It comes with a 125-mile range and will get an 80% charge in about 30 minutes. That means you would be able to commute to work and run any errands you need to do afterwards without worrying about running out of juice. Its charging port sits right in the middle of its hood, giving you easy charging access as you’re out and about. This prototype is also a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, which should help provide lively driving dynamics as a production vehicle.

Retro Style

When it comes to design, the e Prototype seems to take a page out of the past. This electric vehicle’s style looks back at the first-ever Honda Civic, which was a hatchback that boasted a compact design. Its rounded headlights, sleek body lines, and high wheel wells give the e Prototype a unique look that brings the style of a bygone era into modern times. With its small size, this concept car is an adorable, eco-friendly option for the industry. Since its previous debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the e Prototype has gone from being a two-door concept car to a five-door option, offering enough seats for four passengers.

Futuristic Interior

Inside its cabin, you will note a continuation of this retro design with multiple high-resolution LCD screens highlighting a wood-trimmed dashboard. Its buttons are limited, instead showcasing the futuristic aspect of the vehicle with as few physical buttons as possible. This electric vehicle utilizes cameras instead of rearview mirrors, while also boasting a tinted glass roof to help you feel as if you’re outside, even when you’re not.
Here at Russell Honda, we can’t wait for this model to join the Honda vehicle lineup.

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