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Maintenance Tips for Your Car Battery | North Little Rock, AR

Your car battery works to help keep your car running, which is why it’s important to properly take care of it. Here are some maintenance tips for your car battery to keep in mind so you can help extend the life of your battery and prevent it from dying.

Have Your Battery Cleaned

Over the course of your battery’s life, your battery may get corrosion on its terminals. If you notice corrosion building up, make sure you clean your battery terminals with a wire brush. With the clamps removed, you should also clean off any excess dirt and grease to ensure the battery maintains a strong charge.

Check Your Battery's Charge

When you head into a service department to have your oil changed or bring your car in for maintenance, make sure you have your service technician check your battery’s voltage. On your own, you can also watch your car’s voltage needle and look for any signs of odd behavior. If you or your service technician notice something unusual with the voltage, your battery could be weaker than it once was, and you might need to replace it.

Store Your Battery

If you plan on removing the battery from your car and not using it for a while, you should store it and keep it properly insulated. Place the battery in a well-ventilated room that’s at room temperature.

Keep an Eye Out for Warning Signs

A damaged battery could potentially be dangerous, which is why you should replace it if you notice any warning signs. Inspect the battery case for any cracks, deformation or leaks. You should also check that the terminals are not corroded, loose or damaged.

We at Russell Honda encourage you to visit our service department, where our service technicians would be happy to inspect and replace your battery when necessary.

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